The Nilgai Trails

Perfectly curated experiences spanning the vast trail network of NCR, along the northernmost edge of the historic Aravalli mountains.

Nilgai City Trail

Nature, History and Culture

A 35km route through various historical, natural and urban trails of South Delhi to show an unseen character of the city.

Nilgai Forest Trail

Forests, Lakes and Wildlife

A 90km single-loop through the forests of Delhi, Faridabad and Gurugram to capture the natural essence of the entire NCR.

Why Nilgai?

The Nilgai (bluebull; Boselaphus tragocamelus) is the largest antelope in Asia and is largely native to India. It's a shy, yet exotic, animal that connects to us in more ways than one.

Read on to learn more about the story behind the name and why we decided to go with the Nilgai as our icon.

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Stories on The Nilgai Trails

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