Bundh Restoration Trail

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Some real good work has happened here on the Wazirabad and Chhakarpur bundhs (essentially wetlands). Kudos to I am Gurgaon, Indigo, MCG and all those who have been involved in this wasteland restoration project. The best thing was to see people actually using the entire length of the track - that's a prime example of how these people have created a green belt of utility, literally out of nothing!

As for the CT90 route, it is definitely a challenge if one wants to avoid roads or anything with vehicular traffic. While most of our route (~65%) is going to be through rocky, muddy, dusty, yet runnable local trails, it is practically impossible in a city like ours to avoid concrete and tar. Given this, this nice 5km stretch that would've otherwise been a mad trafficky section on the route (right around the 60km mark, that too), is nothing but a blessing.


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