Rajokri Trails

Saturday, November 27, 2021

ABD Gurgaon to Sultan Garhi Tomb Vasant Kunj via Rajokri Forest

The elusive one. All our previous attempts on this route have been different. The fact that this forest is also a site for replantation (great stuff there, by the way) means new fences and locked gates can come up at any time. What makes this one of the most crucial segments of the route is how close this is to the finish.

There are other tricky pieces to this segment. ABD Gurgaon (this one) and ABD Vasant Kunj/Vihar (the next one) follow similar opening timings - and it's really narrow! With ~10km from one gate to another, this segment will need to be timed with fine precision - like, really fine! Any deviation or disturbance on this segment might end up ruining the entire 90k attempt.

Plus, this is one of the dirtiest parts of the planned route.

The idea, therefore, was to find the 'cleanest' route - one that's taken daily by the locals, one that's not a dump yard for daily defecation activities, one that's permanent, and one that won't require runners to carry a lock pick or a hammer on FKT attempts; one that's essentially guaranteed to be open at least at all times before dark.

Barring one 400m pass through a gated plantation project - which also seems to be unavoidable - we managed to tick all the boxes. Now we'll just keep our fingers crossed that the gates stay open (or openable) on FKT day.

With this, mapping is 80% done. We're getting to the business end of things now. This is going to be so epic!!!


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