Sanjay Van to Tilpat Valley

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Beautiful trail network exploration in the beautiful weather.

Route: Sanjay Van -> Mittal Garden -> Maidan Garhi Village -> Tilpat Valley and backtrack with >80% on trails.

  • Discovered probably the longest single track trail system in the city 🥳
  • Super rock climbing potential. Had my eyes set on the Mittal Garden trails for a very long time; got to cover them finally 🤓
  • Just missed connecting to the Rai Pithora forest by <100m. But where there’s a will, there’s a way; will get there one day 🤬
  • The city village trails just don’t feel like Delhi; there’s a wholly different life in there 😏
  • Super friendly old shepherd man was a good guide when we were looking for a way to enter the Tilpat forest 🤗
  • Four cricket grounds encountered en route with three of them having games on 👏
  • Tilpat Valley is a beautiful sight; could see all the way till the Tughlakabad and Bhatti trails and on to the Noida high-rises. This is already on the CapitalTrails trailmap 😊
  • Met a few people who asked if our backpacks were for oxygen 🤨
  • Got lost a bunch of times in the whole run and also brought back some nice trail scars and trophies 😎
  • Most importantly, it was such a pleasure to break free from this covid bullshit and run in the laps of nature without any worry 😍
  • And as an icing on the cake, had a nice encounter with cops on my way out of the parking when they stopped me on charge of ‘having done drugs’ and carrying illegal substances 🤷🏻♂️


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