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group of trail runners enjoying the forest scenery

For and By Trail Runners

Become a part of India's largest trail running community. Membership costs less than a cup of coffee at your favourite cafe.

Membership  @CapitalTrails

CapitalTrails RC is an invite-only running club that is built on, with and for the ethos of trail running.


CapitalTrails RC aims to get more people outdoors and enjoy the vast trails and forest networks in and around Delhi/NCR, by way of organising guided group runs, curating FKT routes, minimalist races, educational programmes and other community initiatives.


The annual membership fee for 2024 is INR 3000.


Membership to CapitalTrails RC is valid for the calendar year and does not renew automatically, unless the membership fee is paid.


The membership fee is non-refundable and pro-rated on a monthly basis for the first year of membership.  Subsequent renewals are charged and valid for the whole year.


CapitalTrails RC members are welcome to bring guests to trail runs. Currently, guests are limited to one per member per run, which needs to be approved by the core team at least 24 hours before the start of the group run.


CapitalTrails RC neither supports nor encourages dormancy.

The club membership is valid, subject to each member attending at least one group run/event in six months. Members who have paid but not attended an event will be at risk of losing club membership.


All communication within the club will be done via the CapitalTrails RC WhatsApp group, and all members are advised to join the CapitalTrails club on Strava.


Club members who are not present on Strava are advised to create a Strava account and change their privacy settings to suit their online privacy needs.


A club registration form will be circulated to everyone on the CapitalTrails RC Whatsapp group and will require the basic runner information from all existing, and future, members and administrators.


Once registered, membership will be valid for the remainder of the calendar year.

Ready to Join Us?

Become a CapitalTrails member and be a part of India's largest trail running community

Thank you! Check your inbox for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to request for membership?

We need to learn a little more about you before we add you to the club. Basic information like your experience, aptitude and sensitivity to trail running and the outdoors as a whole.

Why is membership not free like other running clubs?

We are not just a running club. We are building a community of active members who not only run with us, but are also engaged in various educational, technical, outreach and outdoors endeavours. Almost 80% of our collections go as contributions to local grassroots organisations  and initiatives. The remaining is used for the website, podcast and marketing.

Are there any other membership benefits?

No. We don't believe in goodies or freebies.

How do you ensure safety on trails?

The trails are safe. We have systems in place that will ensure your safety at all times.

We appoint marshalls for both variants for the activity to ensure that the group is in sight. Further, we strictly ensure that none of our women members are left alone or out of sight on the trail. We also conduct a pre-activity briefing where we go over all wayfinding, security and emergency protocols.

We're trying to make trails safer and more inclusive and accessible to everyone, and we take this mission extremely seriously.

What if I get hurt or injured?

Our members are equipped and certified in administering Wilderness First Aid (WFA) and are always ready with evacuation protocols and procedures in case of any wilderness emergency. Further, detailed instructions are sent to members before any event with information on safety, emergency response and available medical facilities.

What if I get lost while out with you?

We  run everyone through app-based and self-oriented navigation procedures before each activity (run, race, collaboration etc.). At the same time, anyone who  has got lost on the trails with us has emerged an enriched human :)

Can I 'try you out' or join a group run without joining the club?

We encourage guests to join our group events. However, we are currently restricting this only to guests of members. If you don't know anyone in the club and would still like to join, you can reach out to Kshitish or Nakul or fill up the contact form and we'll help you out.

What if I'm not fit to complete the activity?

We operate 2 'variants' of our group activities - a short one and a long one. While the long one is aimed at serious or more seasoned runners (can last anywhere between 3-4 hours), the short one is aimed at people who are just starting out or are not familiar with trail running. These typically go on for 1-1.5 hours and are best suited if you have a 5k-level of fitness.

While we are inclusive to walkers, hikers and other non-running folks, please note that these activities are still runs. If you're not comfortable running continuously for at least 30 minutes, let us know and we'll guide you on how to participate with us.

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