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Must-haves on Trail Outings - NCR Edition

hiking backpacks, fluorescent and blue in colour with a red buckle and a blue water bottle, with two blue trekking poles having black foam handles

In our post on self-sufficiency and what your backpacks should contain on a trail outing, we covered a general list of items to carry on and carry along. While a lot are optional, there are some items that we consider must-haves on trails for the weather, environment and demographics of this region.

In this one, we focus specifically on must-haves on trail outings in Delhi and NCR. Read on to start packing!

Cold Water

Delhi heat is hot! And dry. And humid. And icky. For almost 8 months of the year. Barring the 2 months of extreme winter (which we’ll cover as a separate article), the remaining 10 will leave you high and dry and hanging. So, as the most brainless but most important entry into the list, cold water is a must-have. Yes, cold water will never remain cold. You can maybe drop in a few ice cubes to leave things colder for a bit longer.


To repeat, Delhi heat is hot! And Delhi is notorious for its pollution levels. Anything that can shield your face and skin from the harsh air becomes a must-have by default. Go for any SPF 30 or 50 options - regardless of the weather - and make sure you don’t have any allergic reactions with your chosen brands.


The Delhi forests are harsh and do not boast of much cover or protection from sunlight. The trails also reflect heat, making the ground a bit hotter than it should be. Protection for your head and eyes (optionally, coverings for your arms), therefore, is a must. Plus it adds to your trail runner swag.

Toilet Paper

Nature will call in the weirdest of places as the heat plays havoc on the stomach. In the wild kikar-infested forests, finding leaves to clean up can get more difficult some times than finding a nice chilled can of beer in the forest (which is available, by the way). A roll of TP will get you good as new and will make you feel like a new person on the trail.

Phone and ID

The trails of NCR have a lot of reserved and protected areas. There are also army or police establishments that you might inadvertently wander into. While runners are always respected in the forces and the folks will probably turn you away at the most, it is highly recommended that you have your ID with you. And the phone? Another no-brainer to end the list with - just keep it protected from all the sweat that you’ll let out.

What stuff do you carry with you on your trail runs? Let us know in the comments.


Cover photo by mohammad alizade on Unsplash


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