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About CapitalTrails

Building a community of resilient, responsible and self-sufficient trail runners

Since 2019, we've been working on creating a community that's responsible, resilient and respectful to the outdoors. We're not just a running club - we're an initiative to educate people on the environmental, social, cultural and economical values that the sport of trail running brings. Through our group runs, race series, mapping and FKT projects, blogs and the podcast, we aim at creating an educated outdoors community that's sensitive to all environments that the trails take us on.


Our Story

Listen to the complete CapitalTrails story on Tracking Dirt - The Trail Running Podcast

Nakul Butta

Trail and Ultra Runner, Coach

Nakul is the founder & coach at All In Running. He is an accomplished Indian amateur long-distance road and trail runner and a certified marathon running coach. He has won several long-distance races – ultramarathons, half marathons, trail races – and is a regular top finisher in major events around the country.

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Kshitish Purohit

Trail and Ultra Runner, ITRA India Rep.

Kshitish is a tech entrepreneur, podcast host, Indian national representative for runners at ITRA, a certified Ultrarunning Coach and a certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist. He has won, finished and DNF'd in some of the most popular trail and mountain races in India.

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