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asola CapitalTrails race series
8th September 2024


Welcome to CapitalTrails Race Series - ASOLA, a trail race like no other!

Prepare to race through the untamed wilderness of Asola Bhatti in this unique and self-supported adventure. We promise you a challenging, yet wildly fun experience that will test your mettle and trail running prowess, and give you bragging rights as never before.

Race Categories

Race over the SHORT (~)10-kilometer route if you want to take it easy - or you want to make it to breakfast fast; or the adrenaline-packed LONG (~)23-kilometer journey that will let the wild Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary reveal its secrets to you.

23k - LONG

23km Distance

267m A/D+

5hrs Cutoff

10k - SHORT

9km Distance

129m A/D+

3hrs Cutoff

Minimalist Trail Racing in NCR

Self-Supported, Self-Timed, Self-Navigated

Limited Entries

Participation in CapitalTrails Race Series races is limited to 30 per category. We do not want to crowd the trails unnecessarily and, thus, are strict about participation limits.

Equal-Opportunity Race

Finishing first at CapitalTrails Race Series events does not guarantee a 'win' as results are normalised for age and gender to give everyone an equal opportunity.

QR-code Self-Timing

There are no timing stations in CapitalTrails Race Series races. Our volunteers will be stationed with a QR code that runners will need to scan to log their timings.

Navigation Using GPX

All participants are given a .gpx file that will be loaded on their phones using the Gaia (or any other) app. Participants navigate on their own with no extra support.

Register for CapitalTrails Race Series - ASOLA

Mandatory Gear List

Strict gear checks are performed at the start line. Anyone found to not carry any of the following mandatory items will not be allowed to participate in the race.

  • Water/Hydration: At least 2L of water and electrolyte mix (combined) for the Long category; at least 1L for the Short category.

  • Mobile Phone: Navigation and checkpoint QR code scanning requires a smartphone, which should be (almost) fully charged at the start line.

  • Downloaded .gpx File: Route file for the respective category should be downloaded and loaded on a navigation app of choice (Gaia is recommended).

  • Webscorer App: Required for tracking checkpoints and scanning the self-timing QR codes.

Trail Running Etiquette

CapitalTrails adheres to the highest ethical standards and requires all the CapitalTrails Race Series participants to display the highest degree of sportsmanship and environmental stewardship.

  • Share the Trail Love: Say hello and share a smile with fellow runners and hikers you encounter along the way. High-fives are optional but highly encouraged!

  • Leave No Trace: Only footprints in the mud allowed. Anyone found littering will be disqualified from the race immediately.

  • No Disturbing Wildlife: They're just there to chill and maybe to spectate your trailblazing performance. Be watchful and don't have them start chasing you - you don't want to race them!

  • Camaraderie before Competition: Be respectful of the other runners. If anyone is found acting in un-sporting manner to other participants, there will be immediate disqualification.

  • Embrace the Adventure: Absorb the untamed, the unexpected, and the unapologetically muddy.

CapitalTrails Race Series

Celebrate the true spirit of trail running by participating in India's first and only

100% self-supported, self-navigated and self-timed trail race series.

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