The Nilgai City Trail

A 35km trail that brings together the historic, natural and modern faces of South Delhi to highlight an unseen character of Delhi and a never-felt-before experience.








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Route Map


The Nilgai City Trail is a continuous 35km route through various historical, natural and urban trails of South Delhi. The route, which spans the southern green belt of New Delhi, is part of The Nilgai Trails Project by CapitalTrails.

Through this route, we aim to showcase an unseen side of Delhi as a mixture of nature, history and urban colours of the city. The route spans the biodiverse areas of Maidangarhi, Tilpath Valley and Asola Bhatti and the historical cities of Mehrauli, Tughlakabad and Jahanpanah, which cover 3 of Delhi's 7 ancient cities.

The entire route has been mapped with runnable trails that bypass access or permit related issues (as of March 2022). Key landmark sites of the region, such as wildlife corridors, forts and historical sites, vibrant urban villages etc. have been included to enrich the experience.


The route starts at the small gate in front of IRIA House in Qutub Institutional Area and runs along the Parathe Wali Gali (street filled with dhabas/restaurants serving delicious food). You'll enter the trails from gate #2 of the Sanjay Van forest near Indian Institute of Foreign Trade at Qutub Institutional Area. Entering Sanjay Van, the initial section is over the historic Lalkot fort bastion which then leads to the exit in front of Qutub Minar to offer a spectacular front-row view of one of Delhi's most prominent symbols. From Qutub Minar, the route goes southeast towards Mittal Gardens, another protected green area which opens up into Maidangarhi village. Via the Maidangarhi area, the route continues southeast to enter Tilpath Valley and move towards Asola Wildlife Sanctuary. Till this point, this route follows The Nilgai Forest Trail, before turning north into Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary and Kant Enclave. The route, here, takes on a bit of the road (we're working on an alternative trail-only segment) and passes the Karni Singh Shooting Range and exits at the main Tughlakabad Fort entranceOn the route, you'll move through the ancient city of Tughlakabad before exiting in front of the Jahanpanah city forest. From there, the route will take you through the colours, sights and sounds of the city of Jahanpanah as you exit the forest and run along the village of Khirki, with the vibrance of Khirki on one side and the modernity of Saket on the other, thus giving a picture of the chaotic balance that Delhi offers. As the last leg, the route will return to Sanjay Van via the small gate near Lado Sarai Masjid before looping back to the start point at IRIA House.


Segment Name
Primary Surface
Areas Covered
Mehrauli Trails
Sanjay Van, Qila LalKot, MG Road, Mittal Gardens
6 km
Tilpath Valley
IGNOU Road, Tilpath Valley Biodiversity Park, Sangam Vihar
6 km
Asola Bhatti
Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary, Kant Enclave
9 km
Surajkund Road
Karni Singh Shooting Range
3 km
Tughlakabad Forest
Tughlakabad Fort, Tughlakabad Forest
2 km
Jahanpanah Forest
Jahanpanah City Forest
4 km
Press Enclave Road
Pushp Vihar, Khirki, Saket, Qila Rai Pithora North Wall
4 km
Sanjay Van
Sanjay Van
1 km

Things to Know

In the true spirit of FKTs worldwide, this should be attempted with careful planning. The FKT may be attempted as unsupported, self-supported or fully-supported; individually or as a group; in accordance with the FKT guidelines. Here are some pointers to assist in planning the FKT attempt(s):

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